Tonyia J Bailey

Tonyia was born in London, United Kingdom to Nigerian parents and lived most of her life in Nigeria to learn the culture.

During her youth, she developed an interest in reading story books and writing short stories.
When she was fifteen years of age,she wrote newspaper articles about the Police which became published at the time. 

Her other interests are acting,writing songs, singing including a love for fashion. 
Her parents usually took her to one of the popular Television Stations at the age of 9 as a young actress. 

While in Secondary School,she developed an interest in writing short plays and directing for presentation in school competitions. She was then made the President of Dramatic Society. In her spare time,she wrote short stories at her leisure and it never stopped.

Even after graduating with a Law degree at London South Bank University, she did not relent in her determination to pursue her passion in writing over the years. 

She wants to use this medium to thank every single person that has provided encouragement to her during and throughout the writing process. 

Even though there were moments over the years she had doubts about releasing her first novel, she has learnt that in life, anything you set your mind to, it is imperative to work towards achieving that goal regardless of any obstacles along the way. She intends to encourage other upcoming authors to believe in themselves and to remember that there are fans out there who want to hear their voice through the work of their hands. 

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