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Scars Of a Woman

When seven-year-old Armah’s mother is raped and killed by intruders in their Nigerian home, her world comes crashing down. Her drunken father is no use at all and when her scheming Aunty Rose comes to live in their hut, matters become much worse.

Beaten and abused, fed on only meagre rations and made to do endless chores by the foul and overbearing Rose, Armah’s life is one of drudgery and untold misery.

But when her father meets Christian couple, Jonathan and Rachael Kora, it seems like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Tricked into believing they are decent people who have her best interests at heart, Armah soon discovers they are anything but.

Beneath the veneer of respectability, the Kora’s are dealers in misery, selling children and body parts while masquerading as the perfect couple.

Now Armah realises that there is not just her sanity at stake, but her very life as well.

Can she escape the clutches of the Koras before it is too late? And will her life be any better even if she does?

Afraid of The Dark

Following the harrowing and premature birth of her daughter, Armah slips into a coma. She awakens, days later, to discover that she is alone, and her baby has been stolen.

Destitute and with no means to support herself, Armah is befriended by the wealthy Melissa who offers her a home in her sprawling mansion and pays her medical bills.

With nowhere else to turn, Armah accepts but quickly finds herself caught in a love triangle between herself, Melissa and Melissa’s husband, Oliver.

Then, almost from nothing, she receives information telling her that her daughter is in Libya, being cared for by a rich family. She is offered the chance to travel there and soon Armah is dreaming of being reunited with the child she has lost.

But is all as it seems? Is Armah really being offered the chance of a lifetime, or is she about to become trapped in a nightmare far worse than the one she has already been living?

In Libya she sees an opportunity to take back what is hers, but it may be harder than she ever thought.

Death Trap

Armah’s desire to be reunited with her daughter sees her make a poor choice by travelling to Libya, where the child is being looked after by a wealthy family.

But the promise of a good life in the country, with a job and prospects, falls almost immediately as she is abducted along with other women on her arrival. With her passport and luggage seized, Armah is taken to an unknown destination where her life becomes one of immense suffering and drudgery, working long days and living in fear of being constantly beaten and raped.

Desperate to escape from the trauma she is experiencing, Armah agrees to transport drugs to Saudi Arabia, in the knowledge that if she fails, she will be killed; either by the Saudi government or by her captors.

With no way of communicating with the outside world, Armah’s last hope lies in doing something that she knows is both wrong and incredibly dangerous.

But has Armah made one bad decision too many? And what chance does she have of ever seeing her daughter again?